Original Oil Paintings by Wayne McLoughlin

Several of Wayne McLoughlin's original paintings, reproduced as Giclee prints for sale through this site, are still available. Contact Blue Loon Fine Arts at (603) 445-2409 about purchasing originals. Reproduction rights are not transferred at the time of sale and remain the property of the Artist and Blue Loon Fine Arts, Inc. Unless otherwise noted, all work is oil on board.

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Early Risers
33" x 28"

River Ridge
35" x 14"

From the Hardwoods
24" x 36"

Magic in the Mail from Maine
14.5" x 11"

River's Gift
24" x 12"

Grey Ghost Dawn
37" x 14"

Cold River Rendezvous
38" x 16"

Lady of the Lake
24" x 18" acrylic on board

The Recyclers
24" x 18" acrylic on board