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<b><i>The Nursery</i></b>
The Nursery

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Pencil remarque by the artist ($95)
Watercolor remarque by the artist ($125)
Artist's Proof (giclee only) $25
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Springtime in the deep woods is abounds with the drama and beauty of new life. Motionless, without scent, and camouflaged to resemble dappled sun light, fawns will remain in the company of their mothers for the coming year.

The original painting has a curved top to cradle the scene, and is available framed in Adirondack Rustic Style by Unique Woodworks, or in Craftsman Style by Mitchell Andrus. Canvas and giclee prints feature leaf crescents that accommodate rectangular liners and mats, or remove the crescents and frame with a curved liner/mat for the look of the original.

Call about the Lodge Sized Custom version with your family name or camp printed below.

  • 350 Signed/Numbered Giclee Prints
  • 50 Signed/Numbered Canvas Prints